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Building community is central to BME Medics. It is especially important to foster a community of BME Medics in our Medical Schools in which they can be engaged, as students are drivers of change. They also act as safe spaces in higher institutions for minority ethnic students.


By partnering with students in their own universities we can establish these communities and hold panel events, educational experiences and speaker events with the aim of giving them insight into the current state of affairs relevant to healthcare professionals from minority ethnic backgrounds as well as providing them with opportunities to enrich their educational experience. Through holding relaxed social events such as games nights and debates, minority ethnic students can find people who share similar experiences with them and know they are not alone, as well as celebrating their unique differences.


BME Medics Bristol

As we continue to grow and expand, we are pleased to establish what we hope to be the first of many campus societies: BME Medics Bristol. They build community on the ground in University of Bristol Medical School by engaging with their student body and inspiring local children from minority ethnic backgrounds through socials, events and outreach programmes.

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