Collaborating at Work


BME Medics is looking for motivated individuals who are keen to drive forward the mission of the organisation.


Consider the roles available below and complete the application form.

University Engagement Director

  • ​​In charge of recruitment and management of university campus societies

  • Point of contact for campus societies for BME Medics

  • Ensures there are regular meetings with campus society leaders throughout the the year alongside the University Liaison

  • Devise and enact university-based initiatives (e.g student conference)

University Liaison

Keep in touch with the university societies and assist in any issues they may have

Increase the BME Medics community via universities

Review campus society reports and appraise their activities

Social Media Officer

  • Produce content for our various social media accounts

  • Work with formatting and design software (e.g. Canva)

  • Produce promotional content for BME Medics events alongside Marketing Manager

Blog Writer

Responsible for overseeing blog articles produced for the website

Regularly write articles to appear on the blog

Produce ideas for engaging features 

Select guest-written articles submitted for the blog 

Finance Director

Oversees and manages the finances and bank accounts for the organisation

Responsible for the fulfilment of all sponsorship proposals or applications

Organise fundraising drives for BME Medics

Sponsorships Officer

Liaise with Finance Director to identify opportunities to source financial support for activities

Seek out sponsorships, grants and funding for organisational activities

Support the application process to the relevant funding opportunities.

Logistics Manager

Organise the logistics behind all outreach activities

Determine the calendar for the year and ensure other team members are updated

Liaise with schools, venues, etc for all events.

How to Apply

Please complete the application form here


You must be a health care professional to apply. 


Please note: all roles are voluntary.


For any questions or queries, regarding roles please contact: 

Education Officer 

Works alongside the Education Director to deliver objectives

Provides insight and expert-level knowledge regarding

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) or;

  • Academic Research


Facilitate programmes and projects

Produces educational resources alongside the Education Director and external organisations​

Mentoring Lead

Lead on all aspects of the mentoring programme, including application, selection and pairing.


Provide new ideas on how to run the mentoring programme

Lead on training of mentors for successful applicants

Marketing Officer

Promote all outreach activities


Liaise with general team


Increase engagement with all outreach activities