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INSPIRE National Intercalators' Conference and ‘The Recipe for Success’

December 11, 2018

Beat the Burnout

December 10, 2018

GMC Annual Medical Schools and Student Conference

November 19, 2018

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11 Dec 2018

INSPIRE National Intercalators' Conference and ‘The Recipe for Success’ by Sadaf Farooqi 

INSPIRE is a national initiative coordinated by the Academy of Medical Sciences and supported by the Wellcome Trust. It is designed to engage undergraduates with research...

10 Dec 2018

In school, university and the world of work it is natural to go through periods where you are under high amounts of stress: deadlines, heavy workload, high expectations, short time constraints and more. This is ever the more true in the sphere of healthcare. It is impo...

19 Nov 2018

Leona Richards attended the annual GMC and medical school student conference in London on 6th November. A wide variety of issues were discussed such as the new finals exams, considering how reflection e-portfolios are used and looking at the BME attainment gap in highe...

On 13th October, Khadijah and Nimra attended the annual British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) 2018 conference which was held at the Marriott hotel in Bristol. The theme of the three day conference was the challenges and solutions when sourcing heal...

7 Nov 2018

The end of October signifies many things, including the end of Black History Month in the United Kingdom. During the month of October, we bring to light and remember the history of black people; their fight, their plight and their contribution to the advancement of the...

10 Sep 2018

Being one of the best tennis players in the world as well as arguably one of the best athletes in the world, Serena Williams displays incredible talent, strength and discipline. Her inspiration transcends the world of sports. Even in pregnancy, during and after childbi...

27 Aug 2018

In August 2018, we saw junior doctor and training paediatrician Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba win an appeal to practise medicine once again. She initially lost her license to practice and was struck off the medical register. She was initially sentenced to a 12-month suspension...

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